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Whitetail Deer No Plaque                                                                             $110
Whitetail Deer on a Flat Plaque                                                                    $145

Whitetail Deer on a Tabletop/Wall Slanted Plaque                                       $175
Hog No Plaque with Lower Jaw Attached                                                    $175

Bobcat Skull on a Base                                                                                $120
Coyote on a Base                                                                                         $140
Fox on a Base                                                                                              $120
Bison/Buffalo/Bull/Cow No Plaque                                                               $225

Mountain Lion on a Base                                                                              $175
Wolf on a Base                                                                                             $175

Alligator with Lower Jaw                                                               $225 minimum



  • I do NOT charge you a caping fee.  I do this as a COURTESY to my customers.  If you decide to do this ahead of time the prices are still the same.

  • Lower jaw can be done for an additional $25/skull unless it is a skull that typically keeps the lower jaw then it is in the price.

  • I will take frozen or freshly killed heads packed in ice. I will remove hide, eyes, brains, and jawbones on deer to prepare for beetles. If you are shipping heads to me, you have to do this prior to shipping. I can provide instructions if requested.

  • $25 gag fee for rotten or maggot infested skulls.

  • Other prices available upon request for other animals or alternative mounts. Just text me at (205) 283-3119

  • Plaques are as pictured with provincial minwax stain unless special ordered at an additional cost.

  • Skulls are sealed with a Satin Lacquer Finish after whitening.

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