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Shipping Instructions:

  • Text or call us at (205) 283-3119 for detailed information.

  • Send the skull with hide, lower jaw (unless you want it), eyes and brain removed prior to shipping.

  • Do NOT use salt on your skull or attempt to boil it prior to shipping.

  • Freeze skull solid for two or three days in a deep freeze.

  • Wrap skull in several layers of newspaper and then seal in several plastic bags to prevent leaks.

  • Place in a sturdy box or plastic storage container.

  • Be sure to add plenty of paper padding to box to protect the skull and horn tips.

  • Ship 2nd day FedEx or UPS on Monday to avoid weekend delays. Ship so NO SIGNATURE is required at delivery.

  • Label OUTSIDE of box with “TAXIDERMY ITEMS”

  • We bill you for return shipping on your final bill before we send the skull back. We will not ship back to you until the final bill has been paid and this needs to be within two weeks that we have contacted you we are finished with your skull.

  • Proper preparation of your skull is VERY important.  Wet SMELLY boxes can cause problems with the shipping company.

  • Beetle Doctor Skull Mounts is NOT responsible for lost or damaged items during the shipping process.

  • Let us know prior to shipment by texting the above number so we can be expecting it.

Ship to:

Dr. Terry J. Holder, Ph.D.

Beetle Doctor Skull Mounts

2008 Oak Meadows Place

Birmingham, AL 35242

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